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Arabic 101 for non-Arab media professionals: Classical Arabic vs Modern Standard Arabic vs Colloquial Arabic

 By: Dr. Ali Mohamad

Over the past decade as an Arabic content consultant in the GCC region, I have been asked by hundreds of clients to translate some content into “Saudi Arabic” or “Arabic of Dubai”. On a few occasions, I was even asked to rewrite some Arabic content written in “Lebanese Arabic” into “Emirati Arabic”.

HOC QA Guidelines

Unfortunately, The Arabic translation market lacks solid practices in terms of Quality Assurance (QA). In this brief post, we will illustrate House of Content’s English to Arabic QA guidelines followed by our in-house QA officers.


Public speaking training in the GCC region: Challenges and approach

The first time I was asked to provide a public speaking workshop in Dubai, I took a long pause. It is one thing to incorporate basic principles of public speaking into an executive training course, but how can this workshop address the specific challenges pertaining to local culture in this part of the world?

The Art of Media Training in Dubai: Rushes interviews

When it comes to media training in the GCC region, and in Dubai in particular, senior executives require a bit of a different approach, not only to cope with the challenges of multiculturalism and multi-lingualism (if this is a word), but also to handle the today booming social media interviews model.

Emcee Training for people not interested in Emceeing

With our focus on media training in Dubai and the GCC region in general, we came across an important question: How valid is it to provide EmCee training for those who do not really want to EmCee?

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