Interpretation Services

Experienced interpreters and cutting edge interpretation equipment

Interpretation services

Our team of qualified interpreters is always available to bridge the language gap between you and your audience. This service is customized for your conference interpretation, training workshops consecutive translation, press breifing interpretation, and other types of events. We offer full interpretation services, including sourcing of grade A interpretation equipment, booth, radiators, transmitter, headsets, control unit, iDesk, and technicians, all in the services of our talented and experienced interpreters.




Conferences interpretation

Complete with booth and interpretation equipment, our team of experienced interpreters will be your voice to a multi-cultural audience.

Training workshops

Consecutive Translation is an essential part of training in a multi-lingual setting. Our training savvy interpreters will make sure your workshop feels native.

Video Conference interpretation

synchronized and efficient, our video conference interpretation will assure you communicate with your counterparts with full potential.

Phone Interpretation

As simple as adding us to your phone call, you can get an efficient bilingual call that answers all your questions and passes all your messages.

Personal Interpretation

For businessmen and high executives visiting the UAE on business, our personal interpreters will act as your own local bilingual guides and cultural consultants.

Interpreters Training

For long-term projects, we assure our interpreters are well screened, trained, and continuously evaluated and developed to assure their performance.

Interpretation languages

Interpretation Languages

English <> Arabic interpretation
English <> French interpretation
English <> Urdu interpretation

English <> Hindi interpretation
English <> Spanish interpretation
English <> German interpretation

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