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The Importance of Media Training for High Executives

As a high executive, your responsibilities will surely include speaking for your company, whether to the media or directly to final audience in conferences. While many executives in Dubai and the UAE in general master public speech to varying extends, speaking to the media, especially TV studio interviews, remains a major challenge. The good news is, it does not take much training to master the basic skills you need to be able to express your knowledge in a well-organized and structured manner.

Many media training courses ask executives to invest considerable time (and many) to go through several-day training courses to achieve basic skills for media exposure. However, AL Training has developed a short one-day workshop covering these skills, using accelerated learning methods. The bottom line is that executives have (or should have) the required knowledge to speak for their companies, and our research has shown that the major challenge they face when speaking to the media is how to structure their answers to be informative, yet not over-elaborative. In lamest terms, high executives simply need to know how and when to start and stop. In addition to this, they need some tips on body language, facial expressions, and the TV studio settings.

To cover these matters, we have developed our signature one-day workshop, covering the following topics:

  1. Getting ready for an interview
  2. The interview
  3. Voice and breathing
  4. Body language:
    1. Posture
    2. Facial Expressions
    3. Hand gestures
  5. Interview content:
    1. How to listen
    2. Answer structure and tempo
  6. Special techniques

For clients who need deeper training on special techniques and structured interview plans, a more advanced workshop can be organized after completing this one.

This workshop can be delivered both in Arabic and English. In addition to media training, AL Training also offers public speaking trainingEmcee trainingcultural awareness training, and quick Arabic workshops.

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