Public Speaking Workshop

Public Speaking Workshop

Business executives require more public speaking skills than professional public speakers. There is never a lack of situations where you need to talk to a wide audience: The board, extended meetings, press conferences, events, and the list goes on.

Public speaking is people’s most dreaded fear, but it does not need to be. This workshop covers essential skills in public speaking, and addresses major concerns of individuals newly assuming roles that necessitate public speaking and public communications. The workshop is specially developed with cultural awareness to address public speaking in the GCC region, especially for foreign speakers. In addition to aspects pertaining to local culture and etiquette, the workshop presents best international practices based on several highly acclaimed international publications in the field.  

Workshop Outlines

  1. The speaker and Local Culture:
    • Appearance, clothing, and set up.
    • Cultural awareness.
    • Creating great openings and closings, and motivating great audience interactions.
  2. What are you talking about?
    • Prepare your messages
    • Prepare for a conversation, not a dictation
    • Keep it simple, in language and information
    • The Topic checklist
    • The speech checklist
  3. On stage
    • Walking to the podium, and prepare your speaking face
    • Define your space, and own it
    • Finding your voice in every occasion.
    • Body Language: Playing the right role in every situation and acting your speech.
    • Stay on-topic
  4. Key techniques
    • Mimicking great speeches.
    • When you make a mistake, and you will :)
    • Closing: The thing everyone in the audience will remember
    • Your worse fear is what will never happen
    • Answering questions: The Yes, and… technique.
    • Answering questions: The trinity answer technique.


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