Culturally Aware Media Training

Culturally Aware Media Training

In today’s digital world, media interviews happen more often and even when least expected. On-camera interviews are no longer restricted to TV reporters with branded microphones or in-studio interviews. Instead, digital media now interviews executives on handy cameras, and YouTube is full of rushes interviews performed (excellently) by digital reporters and social media journalists.

To be ready for these interviews in your next media event or press conference, our interactive one-day media training workshop helps you understand how interviews go, how to be in control in your next on-camera interview, and how to phrase your answers to be impressive and to the point. The workshop covers main themes required by spokespeople and high executives, and avails adequate time for on-camera practice and feedback.

As a business executive, your leadership skills and in-depth industry knowledge are at their best, but facing the camera requires different skill sets. Learn how to handle camera fear and intimidation in TV interviews, by acquiring awareness on how TV and digital reporters work, and how you can stir your interview in the right direction in every situation. Ultimately, the goal is to learn how to pass your key messages and speaking points with excellence.

The twist on top of these themes and outcomes is the culturally aware component. Handling media in the GCC region requires adequate knowledge in local culture and traditional norms in the region. Learn what you say and what you don’t, and how to handle culturally-sensitive topics when asked about them


Course outlines:

  1. Getting ready: Before you go to an interview.
  2. Getting ready: At the studio/media event.
  3. The interview: What you say and how you say it.
  4. Pauses and breathing techniques.
  5. The voice.
  6. Body language.
  7. Question keywords.
  8. The answer.
  9. Rushes interviews.
  10. Tips and tricks.



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