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The Art of Media Training in Dubai: Rushes interviews

When it comes to media training in the GCC region, and in Dubai in particular, senior executives require a bit of a different approach, not only to cope with the challenges of multiculturalism and multi-lingualism (if this is a word), but also to handle the today booming social media interviews model.

Basically, and although your PR agency must be capable of streamlining interview opportunities, some people with tripods and handycams (or mobile phones for that matter) may still stop you for a rushes interview. In this type of video media exposure, you may, just may, have to forget what learned in all your media training workshops and start from zero.

The challenge is multifold: You are talking to a reporter who may not have proper training themselves, you do not have a clear idea about their target audience, and you also cannot predict what (relevant or irrelevant) questions they may come up with. Reviewing your company’s key messages may not be enough, and your knowledge in local culture could make the difference between a great interview and “what on earth have just done!”.

In addition to basic media training and speaking skills, our one-day culturally-ware media training workshop prepares you just for that. We will show you the techniques and skills required not only to perform well, but also to stir the interview in the direction you want, and be in complete control of the outcome.

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